Feature Gallery: Fresh Water Falling

From the forthcoming book, Fresh Water Falling, these photographs document the abundance of waterfalls in the Lake Superior watershed, the largest freshwater lake  in the world. All photos were shot from 1978 - 1997 on 4x5" Ektachrome film with an Ikeda field view camera, 90mm Schneider Super Angulon, 165mm Calumet Caltar, or 270mm Scheider Tele-Xenar lenses.

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Freshwater Photos

Freshwater Photos is committed to providing images of the highest quality featuring the natural and cultural splendor of Planet Earth.

Freshwater Photos was created in 1997, by Tim Hawkins, as a company to distribute his photographs of freshwater environments, and to encourage awareness of freshwater conservation issues.

Freshwater Photos has since expanded to include catalogs of fine art and documentary photographs. Please peruse the web site for a taste of these and let Tim Hawkins know what you think.

Please note that, for online efficiencies, this web catalog only contains JPEG file formats. All photos are also available in TIFF file formats. Some image files may be available in higher resolutions. To order higher quality image files please contact Freshwater Photos.